Laser Cleaning of Stone

Laser stone cleaning is an innovative technology that allows precise removal of impurities, deposits, stains, or signs of wear from various types of stones. The process involves directing the laser onto the stone surface, causing the impurities to evaporate and detach without damaging the stone’s structure.

Regardless of the type of stone, laser cleaning can be successfully applied. Marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, basalt, limestone – these are just a few examples of stones that can be effectively cleaned using laser technology. Regardless of the color, hardness, or porosity of the stone, laser technology enables gentle yet efficient removal of any contaminants.

The exceptional precision and control of the cleaning process are the main advantages of laser stone cleaning. Thanks to the precise focusing of laser energy, the depth of cleaning can be accurately determined, and parameters can be adjusted to the specific type of stone. This means that cleaning can be tailored to individual needs and the condition of the surface.

The Application of Laser Stone Cleaning

Laser stone cleaning finds broad application in various spaces. It can be used in homes, offices, hotels, museums, and even on historical buildings. Cleaning marble floors, granite countertops, stone sculptures, or facades – these are just some examples where laser stone cleaning delivers excellent results.

Benefits of Laser Stone Cleaning

The benefits of laser stone cleaning are numerous. Firstly, this method not only removes impurities but also restores the natural shine and color of the stone. Additionally, the process is non-invasive and does not cause micro-cracks or damage to the stone surface.

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